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Wittgenstein Making Of ADP0225

Wittgenstein Making Of ADP0228

Wittgenstein Making Of ADP0228 hand painted tshirt portrait

I begin today with this first “making of” informing you about the genesis of my latest art work, the last hand painted T-shirt which will be soon available.

It’s dedicated, as the name suggests, to the austrian logic mathematical philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein which was born at the end of the 1800’s and died at half of the last century.

Let me first of all Mark the fact that I am not an intellectual..I’ve never been….Even though I’ve always been seduced by liberal arts and phylosophy.

Wittgenstein Making Of ADP0228…losting traces

My knowledge has been acquired in a random way, here and there, basically self-taught in life even before that in art.

This work is composed by two traces that I’ve been following for years in my life.

I don’t know which trace I started following first for this hand painted clothing makingof… many years ago I painted a large oil on paper which I titled “the door”. In this painting there were dark letters stranded in rocks painted as a close-up, while in the background was painted a huge letter “O” from which flowed a water source.

The message of the painting was a complaint against the insane use common people do of the language, at that time less than today, preferring the injunctive-informative aspect in itself sterile compared to the evocative-creative aspect more interesting and fruitful…. and this is the first trace.

Wittgenstein Making Of ADP0228…Wittgenstein, Russell & Derek Jarman

Then I run into Wittgenstein. I got to him through Bertrand Russell who was another great mathematical philosopher and he was the teacher of Wittgenstein.

I’ve read something written by Russell…At that time I was fanatic about logic and mathematic, I loved applied mathematic rules to thoughts and I loved modelling language to logic, trying to discover its paradoxes applied to phrases and idioms of common use.

It was not a case therefore that I came across those videos taken from the Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein movie, where the director tells, in his own way, the lessons Wittgenstein held in Great Britain and the evolution of the philosopher’s thought on language and its logic mathematical implications in everyday life.

Wittgenstein Making Of ADP0228…language limitedness

Wittgenstein was suggesting me that language is the blunt tool with which everyone describes and therefore create his own reality … The limits of my language means the limit of my world he used to say …. and this has represented to me the second trace to follow.

The two tracks of this hand painted clothing makingof were connected at several points, they were very similar in content but I still missed the conjunction between the inappropriate use of language and its intrinsic limit….I still needed a link.

What is that connect the bad use of language and with it denote its limit … Here is my solution …. The silence ..

Wittgenstein Making Of ADP0228…painted text

Words are sacred sources of life and imagination
powerful symbols they evoke the world of its users
As music needs pauses between notes to create his enchanthment so the words need silence to personify their meaning.
Without silence the words become dead letters as music without pause is just noise.
So we communicate our noise arguing about everything and the more we do not know the more we think we know basically we are just making more noise.

“whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”

Wittgenstein Making Of ADP0228…dictatorship of posting others thoughts

The last sentence is taken from of the legendary Ludwig’s Tractatus logico-philosophicus the rest of the thought is mine.

I wanted to add my thoughts to avoid the well-known “dictatorship of posting others thoughts” very common in social networks that will ultimately lead us
all to hire a prompter of aphorisms and bring him with us into the real life.

Photos of complete works with listing will soon follow.

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