Rain on Africa I love pfizerpills

Rain on Africa I love Pfizerpills Making Of ADP0228

Rain on Africa I love Pfizerpills Making Of ADP0228

Rain on Africa I love Pfizerpills concept of a wearable work of art

A few days ago I saw, once again, this 2005 movie “The Constant Gardener” based on best selling John le Carrè book released in 2001.

I recommend the movie to those who haven’t seen it yet, despite the embarrassing Ralph fiennes interpretation of a role, it has to be said, extremely ordinary and, because of that, very difficult to impersonate.

Rain on Africa I love Pfizerpills…cast & crew

Perhaps the perfect actor for the role would have been the Peter Sellers of Hal Ashby’s “Being there”, but peter sellers is not longer with us and Ralph fiennes, even being a great actor, is not Peter Sellers.

As a counter, very intense without overdoing it was the female character interpretation made by Rachel Weisz, (she won the Oscar for this role), with her scalene and mysterious gaze she played a very true role that seems coming out from the screen such it was credible.

Rain on Africa I love Pfizerpills…Kano trovafloxacin trial litigation

The book and the film are based on the real story of Kano trovafloxacin trial litigation where several NIgerian children were subjected to a unauthorized human testing “curated” by the multinational pharmaceutical company Pfizer
as reported by a Washington Post investigation during 2000.

But the thing that struck me the most about the movie was the soundtrack and especially the music that accompanies the end credits. I have a particular predilection for the music placed at the end of the film, I could say, even if the movie was not my style, that I await the end of each film almost exclusively to listen the end theme song, as if the final music encompasses the whole essence of the movie.

Rain on Africa I love Pfizerpills…Kothbiro

Una palabra by carlos varela at the final of “Man on fire” movie or Oh boy by get well soon from the “Oh boy a coffee in Berlin” movie by Jan-Ole Gerster, for someone the new Wensers, they are just few examples of rare pearls I came across at the end of a movie.

In the constant gardener movie the final song is “Kothbiro” by “Ayub Ogada.”

As soon as the movie credits start to slide begin this almost hypnotic music which release a taste of distant and timeless land. Its simple and repetitive rhythm produced by ancient instruments emanate a magical sound. The strong male voice yet melodic and sweet accompanies the music as if it were a call as if it were an advice melted with a prayer.

Rain on Africa I love Pfizerpills…painted text

It is said that Africa is the place from which the entire human race comes … The mother land of us all … Well, this music has recalled to me the feeling of this strange ancestral belonging.

The translated text of this wonder sounds something like this:

Auma do you hear what I say
The rain is on it’s way
Return our cattle home
Yaye the Children
What is it That You think you do?
The rain is on it’s way
Return our cattle home.

The lyrics is painted on the back of the shirt with the words human experimentations, colonialism, sickness, poverty, war and hunger.

Rain on Africa I love Pfizerpills…the bastard sons of Africa

Everyday we mistreaded Africa, we raped and derided Africa, we pillaged and abused Africa…We are its ungrateful and bastards sons.

There were many rains on Africa, too much abuses perpetrated by the so-called “industrialized Western world” as an “exporter of democracy of their own profits” which tends to leave the citizens of this ancient land in starvation, ignorance and poverty to better exploit them, to better exploit the raw materials of their countries until finally suck their blood using them as human guinea pigs.

For centuries we have colonized and we are still colonizing Africa imposing our obtuse religions of nonsense, contaminating African peoples to condense their miserable lives in pills of an expired drug, creating wars to destabilize the established power and be able to better exploit their natural deposits, we have brought these men and women to a never ending hunger to sacrifice their lives to our futile will of omnipotence.

For several days this making of it was ready, but I never published it… I do not know why I waited so long … I decided to do it today … maybe because today, after many sunny weeks, it’s raining.. It’s raining all over my land… it’s raining on Africa …

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