Ero and Leandro the sea of love

Ero and Leandro the sea of love Making Of ADP0229

Ero and Leandro the sea of love

Ero and Leandro the sea of love synopsis of an hand painted tshirt

Since I was a child I have always been passionate in mythology, especially the classic one. I loved those stories apparently without sense talking to a part of me that still I did not know … Why Oedipus along his way to Thebes meets the Sphinx …Why Orpheus at the Ade’s threshold, turns back to look at Eurydice losing her forever….Where had disappeared with his chariot, swallowed by the earth, Amphiaraus….The tragic story of Hero and Leander….
Myths gets inside you without a reason to resound later in everyone’s life.

Ero and Leandro the sea of love…..mythological traces

Leander was a stable boy from Abydos and during the festivities in honor of Adonis and Aphrodite (another strange story) went to the temple of the goddess in Sestos on the opposite bank of the Hellespont, the temple of which Hero was the high priestess.

Ero and Leandro the sea of love…..they felt in love

During the festival, the two fell in love, simply, looking themselves, talking themselves and brush againt each other “..ed il Divo Cupido teso l’arco ad ambe le città vibrò uno strale…”.
Their love was forbidden as Leander was of humble origins and Hero came from a wealthy family. Their love was secret because the role of high priestess of Hero prevented her to love and be loved. Their love was envied because Hero was so beautiful that “…Ella errava pel tempio, e l’alme intorno, gli occhi, i pensier del maschil sesso avea..”.
Despite all the two get married in secret and to keep their secret safe, they met only at night and every night leander swam throughout the Hellespont to reach his wife in Sesto talking and loving her all night long till the dawn of a new day to swim back to Abydos and all day in Abydos He prayed that another night came early to talk to her and love her again and again.

Ero and Leandro the sea of love…..the fateful night

But one fateful night the winds and the sea swallowed leander who drowned and Hero, the morning after, finding the body of her lover crashed on the rocks teared off her clothes and she threw himself from the tower which was their love nest and died beside the body of her husband.
This is a metaphor of “neoplatonic love” where love is meant as dying to oneself to reborn in the other in a world where certainties fade away, where dichotomies are disappeared, where the sky seems the sea.
But in my version of the myth, Leander drowns alone in the sea of ​​love while Hero remains petrified on top of the cliff with a sad, helpless almost surprised look.
Leander instead is represented in zoomorphic forms … He is irrepressible and courageous as a horse he was crafty and cunning as a wolf and sweet and regal as a swan..Such qualities that a human being naturally finds inside himself once he’s in love.

Ero and Leandro the sea of love…..lost in love

I Remember when I was a boy, on the shore of a beach, a friend told me he was in love with a girl and writhing with his thoughts he was upset and scared by the fact that when someone is in love, he’s not longer himself, he did not more have control of his own actions, he does things he never even imagined to do…
Even then I thought, but I did’t say, that the ways of love are often winding and poorly lighted up and only fools can walk them till the end….
I recall now the words of Elvis Costello in poignant song “Almost blue” with fabulous Chet trumpet sound in the background “… Almost blue almost doing things we used to do there’s a girl here and she’s almost you almost all the things That your eyes once promised I see in hers too now your eyes are red from crying … “

How could you know a city if you do not lose yourself in it, if you never take the wrong way …

It ‘s like you’re inside the sea up to your waist try to find the the courage to dive into but the water is too cold … we are all gathered in those timeless moments in which, or you close your eyes, forget about it and you dive yourself into the sea otherwise you keep thinking about how cold the water is, that is not convenient to get wet and sadly turn your back and return to healthy banks remaining dry.

Ero and Leandro the sea of love……the painted text

Along the back side of the tshirt a thought is painted which translated It sounds like this “… I often think to love like a sea joined to the sky with a small beach where dry souls awaits to see resurfaced the body of who dared to reveal their greatest fear. In the sea around I imagine other souls who after reach the bottom seeking the right current to re-emerge. Many others still they drown alone remain immersed for ever keeping a light on while they await for a second death. Finally, at the bottom of the sea, a few souls together with their lovers draw strange phrases in the water that no one else will ever understand … ”

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