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Vèstìti d'Arte is a hand painted women clothing and men clothes line born to allow people to dress wearable art clothing instead of mere garments. Each wearable art clothes is completely painted, with indelible and NON toxic fabric paint colors, titled, numbered and signed as a work of art. The concept is tear the painting off the wall and make it walk, in the form of a painted dress, african skirts, prom dresses, bohemian clothing shirt, a plus size clothing jeans, wearable by any common people…Make those paintings leave traditional sites usually chosen for works of art exhibition like museums and art galleries, to spread them throughout new territories less exclusives like couture fashion and top quality prêt-à-porter boutiques. The hand painted clothes here exhibited are fully wearable and washable being 100% finest Italian cotton made. Designed t shirt, women dresses, palazzo pants, plus size skirt and bell bottoms jeans are cut and sew in a unique clothing style and then put up on a mannequin to be painted. After being painted every item is subjected to a special vapor ironing treatment to get the color fixed on cotton. Every dress for wedding, pencil skirt, plus size jeans and custom shirt are fully painted, titled, numbered and signed by the artist just like work of art. Each prom dress is unique in its dimension and size, each hand painted t shirt is fully customizable upon request, each womens skirt is one of a kind. As a result we get works of art here exhibit are not fixed on a wall or installed somewhere… They are alive, they breathe through the breath of who wear them, light modify their colours depending on the movements of who wear them. These clothes absorb and release your sensations, your feelings, your words…These clothes, as all the things around you, have a soul. You are a unique and unrepeatable work of art too….You have a soul too…Don’t forget!


A real bohemian clothing style for inspired people that released their unicity through the garments they wear. A clothing concept with real unique features like….


Prom dress, plus size jeans, mens shirts and womens clothing are totally handmade and painted....


Plus size, extra large and ultra size. All size are now available. If your size is not included in the item page drop down menu....


This walking paintings are real one of a kind clothing, each garment is unique in its dimension and size....


The painted clothes here exhibit are 100% italian cotton made. Wearable art clothing should be wash.....

That's the blog side of my website. Visit this page to better understand which is the concept behind each hand painted clothing garment. Meanings, messages and synopsis of each wearable work of art will be discovered here...

Ero and Leandro the sea of love Making Of ADP0229

Since I was a child I have always been passionate in mythology, especially the classic one.

I loved those stories apparently without sense talking to a part of me that still I did not know … Why Oedipus along his way to Thebes meets the Sphinx …Why Orpheus at the Ade’s threshold, turns back to look at Eurydice losing her forever….Where had disappeared with his chariot, swallowed by the earth, Amphiaraus….The tragic story of Hero and Leander….

Myths gets inside you without a reason to resound later in everyone’s life.....

Wittgenstein Making Of ADP0225

I begin today with this first “making of” informing you about the genesis of my latest work, the last T-shirt hand painted which is currently drying.

It’s dedicated, as the name suggests, to the austrian logic mathematical philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein which was born at the end of the 1800’s and died at half of the last century.

Let me first of all Mark the fact that I am not an intellectual..I’ve never been….Even though I’ve always been seduced by liberal arts and phylosophy......

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Rain on Africa I love Pfizerpills Making Of ADP0228

A few days ago I saw, once again, this 2005 movie “The Constant Gardener” based on best selling John le Carrè book released in 2001.

I recommend the movie to those who haven’t seen it yet, despite the embarrassing Ralph fiennes interpretation of a role, it has to be said, extremely ordinary and, because of that, very difficult to impersonate.

Perhaps the perfect actor for the role would have been the Peter Sellers of Hal Ashby’s “Being there”, but peter sellers is not longer with us and Ralph fiennes, even being a great actor, is not Peter Sellers.....

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